Nicolas Cage: mission accomplished


27th February 2011

Nicolas Cage is made a Knight Of The Internet, and is the sword that dubs him. Or the carpet he's kneeling on. Or something. Anyway, we were totally there.

This one time, for my real job, I was offered the chance to go and interview Nicolas Cage in Los Angeles for his new movie. For reasons I can't quite remember at the time, I turned the offer down (although I do remember the movie was guinea pig animation G-Force, which explains a lot).

Ever since that fateful "no" left my lips, I've been longing for a chance to meet Nicolas Cage and excitedly gibber why he fascinates me face to face - to look into those confused, horse-like eyes and tell him, "I'll always remember where I was the first time you yelled, '"NOT THE BEES!'"

This weekend, the next best thing happened: Nicolas Cage is now semi-aware of my existence. Some hi-larious looking chap in spectacles and a hipster 'tache had the chance to interview Nicolas Cage for Drive Angry and used his slot to inform the actor about his massive internet presence, informing him of memes like the 'Nic Cage loses his shit' video, the amazing Nic Cage Is Everyone blog... and the Nicolas Cage matrix.

Sadly, a shot of our beloved Cage graph obscures Nic's reaction to the diagram, but I imagine it was something like this:

Oh no, wait... that was MY reaction.

To be honest, I feel like our work here re: Nicolas Cage is done. Good job, everybody. Go home and make love to your fleshlights.

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