Now then, now then: Sir Jimmy Savile dies aged 84

Ed Williamson

29th October 2011

A sad day for eighties children everywhere: Sir Jimmy Savile died this afternoon. On the plus side, I didn't have anything else to write about today, so every cloud and all that.

We here at are saddened to hear of the death of Sir Jimmy Savile, who passed away today at his home in Leeds. If you grew up in the eighties the man's questionable tracksuit and jewellery choices will be among your fondest TV memories, along with a faint sense of unease when kids sat on his lap that you were at the time too young to define.

Among my clearest childhood recollections is a strong mental association of Jim'll Fix It with crumpets and honey, which I always ate on Sunday evenings while watching it.

A scale model of a crumpet I built in my garage using kampfer wood and broken promises.

Jim'll Fix It ran for 19 years, it turns out. (Seriously?) In all that time he fixed a lot of things for a lot of kids, including Liam Gallagher.

"Dear Jim, please can you fix it for me to form a new band now that Oasis have split up?"
"Depends. I'll have to insist you at least try and come up with some ideas of your own every now and then, rather than showing no desire to do anything other than try and make all your songs sound as much like John Lennon as possible and making an entire generation faintly embarrassed that they once idolised you."
"Sorry, no deal."

He also fixed it for Frank Bruno to fulfil his lifelong dream of meeting Peter Sutcliffe.

I love the fact that this picture exists.

In tribute, rather than watching a video of the man himself, I think we'd all prefer to see Jerry Sadowitz's impression of him. It's what he would've wanted.

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