Possibly the greatest movie-themed rap song ever made


9th April 2011

For some reason this week (I forget why), I was reminded of possibly the greatest ever movie tie-in single of all time - yes, even better than Will Smith's wiki-wiki-Wild Wild West opus.

LL Cool J is his name, and rapping is ostensibly his game. The single, Deepest Bluest (Shark's Fin), was released to promote Deep Blue Sea in 1999, the movie that famously suggested that mutant sharks could somehow cure Alzheimer's (spoiler alert: they kept eating all the patients). Long story short, it's incredible - just watch and you'll see.

If you couldn't make out the lyrics because of all the excessive hosepiping that LL and his bitches were engaged in (not a metaphor), make sure you give them a read below, because they're amazing - it's not every day you hear a rapper use the word 'Barracuda' in one of his flows. Enjoy!
Uh, my hat is like a shark's fin

[1] - Deepest, bluest, my hat is like a shark's fin

[Repeat 1 (5x)]

Manmade terror
Hungry jaws of death
Y'all don't cross my depths
I'll pause your breaths
I cause you to sink down forty thousand leagues
Bleeding to death with no arms and short sleeves

My world's deep blue
Killers gotta eat too
Looking for human flesh to rip my teeth through
Other fish in the sea but Barracudas ain't equal

To a half human predator created by a needle
Jet black eyes baby they stare while you sleep
When your Titanic sinks I'm the one you gon' meet
Hearing terrified screams they surround my team
All you see is trails of blood
Even God won't intervene
Nightmares of darkness
My apetite is heartless
Even if we related, you eliminated regardless
In the deep blue, underwater walls
Half man, half shark
My jaws don't fall

[Repeat 1 (8x)]

Our Father who art in Heaven
Hallowed be Thy name
Killers sworn to beast
Swallowed them in flames
They switched my DNA
Trip me into Cool J
I can't fight the feeling
I'm born to kill prey
To survive an attack
There's only one way
Battle to the death
That's how sharks play
Weapons left behind
We dueling with the mind
You blind, crippled, or crazy
You're real easy to find
Struggling to flow with hemorrhages in your throat
Getting the lap dance while I smash through your boat *

Eat your whole fam
Nothing left but a right hand
Clinging to a rail
Escape, attempts fail
You'll never make it home
Tear the flesh off your bone
Walking in undercurrents is a dangerous zone
I'm talking death out a moment's notice
You wasn't focused
Me and my crew strike
Like some underwater locusts

[Repeat 1 (8x)]

Uh, uh take it deeper
Uh, uh take it deeper
Uh, uh take it deeper
Uh, uh take it deeper

These waters are waist level
The hallway's flooded
Lost your scuba gear
The killer's cold-blooded
His name's LL
You don't really want it
I ate your ancestors
The ocean is haunted
I'm closing in cause I'm supposed to win
How the cold steel feel when it froze your chin

Should of stayed on dry land
Stroke while you can
Cause now you under pressure in the land of the damned
Abandoned pirate ships
Eels and sod scum
Fish that glow in the dark

The Titanic's hub
Underwater storms
You're blood is so warm
You're life vest is off
And that turns me on
Killer for centuries
The Gotti of the deep
In the next millennium
I'm still gonna creep
Sand under my belly, ocean over my head
Through the light in the shadows
You become the living dead

[Repeat 1 (12x)]

Yeah, DBS

Note: at no time does Mr Cool J ever wear a hat that looks anything like a shark's fin.

* This is the most brilliant rhyming couplet I think I've ever heard. Even if you've seen the film it still makes no sense.

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