See sad Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly; Michael J Fox too cool to care


13th October 2010

Look at it this way, Eric: at least you don't have Parkinson's Disease.

It's a well-known fact that before Michael J Fox was cast as Marty McFly in Back To The Future, Robert Zemeckis hired a young Eric Stoltz to play the role. A few weeks into shooting, they realised they'd hired a dud - a stupid, ginger dud - and managed to wrangle a workable shooting schedule with Fox's people. So long Stoltz, see you in Anaconda. You probably didn't want to be in this timeless classic anyway.

Fast-forward to today and the movie's 25th anniversary. We've already had a cinematic re-release (nutshell review: fuck yeah) in advance of the Blu-ray release, and now there's a whole load of featurettes floating through the ether on various aspects of the movie's production. Unluckily for Stoltz, that means being dragged back to the past to hear the guy who fired him talk about how tragically unfunny he was.

Obviously, Michael J Fox went on to become a household name and the trilogy went down as one of the best ever. Sadly, Fox was afflicted with Parkinson's disease, meaning his hugely cinematic baby face soon became blighted with an old man's shakes and aches. This sucks, but Fox has risen above the cheap gags and addresses his illness head on.

Just check him out in this trailer for an awards ceremony; most other performers would look like a jackass trying to recapture their early career magic, but Fox manages to make it look dignified, and - more importantly - awesome. Whatta guy. Where's your debilitating disease, Stoltz?

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