Shane Black pens Doc Savage movie


25th October 2009

The best kick-ass writer of 80s and 90s action movies, Shane Black, is now apparently turning his pen to 30s comics - he has been tapped to write a script for a new Doc Savage movie. Doc Savage? Whatevs. Shane Black! Woooo!

The man behind the Lethal Weapon series, and other great guns-and-swearing flicks like Long Kiss Goodnight and Last Boy Scout, is said to be working on the movie for Star Trek and Transformers producers, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman.

Doc Savage is a classic chisel-jawed hero who doesn't need mutated genes or a suit of advanced weaponry to save the day - just his sense of adventure, great combat skills and an open shirt.

The story goes that, since he was born, a team of scientists trained him to develop all his natural abilities to near superhuman level, so now the guy is master of all trades (including science, martial arts Basically, he's the perfect guy. And he's not gay. Probably.

Shane Black has hinted that the film will remain in its original time period too, so things like speedboat chases and high-tech bombs will have to be swapped for, I don't know, safari shorts?

It doesn't matter, his directorial debut, 2005's Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, is one of my fave films to come out in the past 5 years, so you can colour me pretty excited about the project. Not because Doc Savage sounds like an awesome character. Just because any news that involves Shane Black working on something is good to hear.

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