Sorkin to write drama in which at least one person is not fantastically witty

Ed Williamson

3rd August 2013

West Wing and Newsroom creator Aaron Sorkin has announced plans for his latest TV project, in which not every single character will be capable of delivering perfectly timed bons mots at astonishing speed.

"It will be set in a provincial elementary school in North Dakota," Sorkin confirmed. "All the teachers and pupils will be whip-smart and talk incredibly quickly, except for Eddie, the PE teacher.

"Whenever engaged in conversation and forced to respond to yet another splendidly cutting zinger, he will look a bit confused, scratch his head for a second, and say, 'Sorry, would you mind repeating that?'

"He also won't possess an all-encompassing knowledge of current affairs, the US Constitution or popular culture, arcane details of which he therefore will not be able to recall at a second's notice and work into a humorous retort even before the other person has finished speaking.

"I mean, the guy's not stupid, he's just a normal human being."

The Oscar-winning screenwriter said all of the above in roughly 1.6 seconds.

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