Spidey gets new Webb


20th January 2010 just one of many puntastic headlines inspired by news that Sony has confirmed Marc Webb to be taking over helming duties on the new Spidey franchise. Hee hee...'Webb'...

It wouldn't surprise me if Sony just hired Webb to be cute and to make headline dreams come true for hack writers everywhere (ahem). Let's face it, as good as (500) Days of Summer is, it doesn't necessarily show that Webb can handle a multi-million dollar comic-book franchise, and yet Sony have contracted him for three films.

But then I'm forgetting - even though (500) Days was his first feature film, Webb has actually directed a ton of music videos for artists like Green Day, Maroon 5 and Hilary Duff. One of those must have had some CGI-centric action set pieces, right? My money's on Duff...

Although, if reports are correct that the scripts for the new films will be based on the recent series of Ultimate Spider-man comics, then Webb need not worry because they famously focus less on Spider-man's crime-fighting exploits and more on Peter Parker's high school worries. Because that was always the best part of the character - I actually hope the radioactive spider doesn't bite him at all in this movie.

And that would also be keeping in line with the film's reported budget of a mere $80 million, which I think is how much money was spent on just the catering for Spidey 3.

So while everyone worries about whether Marc Webb has the experience for a big comic-book movie, we could just end up with (500) Days of Parker.

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