Taken 2 to feature guns, mourning, torture, extreme air guitar


1st September 2012

If it's anything like its predecessor, Taken 2 will feature lots of shots of Liam Neeson looking pained, plenty of gunplay and more than its fair share of torture. One new addition for the sequel, however, is the inclusion of rockin' out. Let me explain.

Here's the new poster for Taken 2. As you can see, it's a classy affair. Black and white and shades of grey = TAKE THIS SHIT SERIOUSLY. It seems to say: "Even though I am obviously ridiculous and Liam Neeson is far, far too old for this shit, I am approaching proceedings in a sombre manner. I am not The Expendables 2." That's what I reckon it's saying, anyway. Maybe I should ask what they think.

Click image for full-size picture

Loving the crooked stem on the 'K' in 'TOOK', you guys. #typography

In case you were in any doubt exactly how super sirrius all involved are taking Taken 2, here are some close-ups. Witness the grief...

Gaze upon the guns...

Wince at the torture...

Empathise with concerned loved ones...

And, erm...

I have absolutely no clue what's going on here. I think someone is jumping out a window or something? Or maybe doing a giant karate kick? Or playing football? Upon closer inspection, I think I know exactly what this silhouette is hiding. Some hardcore fret-wanking guitar action.

Well, a guy has to cut loose somehow.

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