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14th July 2011

The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer has appeared online... and swiftly disappeared again. The first descriptions of the teaser trailer are available, and if The can't be first to bring you the trailer description, we'll be the first with the trailer description description.

Our sonar sense pointed us towards a teaser trailer description over at They lead with the straightforward headline ' 'The Dark Knight Rises' trailer leaks online' which gives us the information we need in a straightforward manner. They expand on this with the sub-headline, 'Camcorder footage of the latest Batman promo hits the internet'.

Note also the use of italics to give it further variation from the headline.
In a disappointing move the first line of the article repeats much of the information previously conveyed in the headline and sub-headline, before excitingly revealing that they consider this the 'genuine article'.

Fresh observations are provided in the second paragraph in which they use bold type to tell us which logos appear in the teaser and again for the names Bruce Wayne and Ra's al Ghul. They reveal that a voiceover from Batman Begins is used.

The third paragraph quotes two lines of captioned text which, as standard, are captured between single quotation marks. The paragraph is somewhat complicated by the use of the word, 'replication' when a simpler word would have sufficed.
Obviously this is all very exciting, and for some could be overwhelming. The article sensibly offers the readers a chance to take a break and invites them to read other articles. If you feel you also need a momentary distraction here is a trailer for you. It's not the actual teaser trailer, but it's close enough.

The article continues to relay the events of the trailer in a standard sequential order, sticking with a linear narrative in order to give the most accurate description possible. Again character names are in bold, and they give a quote from the teaser, this time using double quotes - or 'speech-marks' as they are sometimes known.
Some speech marks, yesterday.
We finally learn which villain appears in the trailer in the fifth paragraph. However more words are attributed to describing the camera work using phrases like 'swooping camera' in a clever bat analogy.

Red hyperlinks feature in the article from this moment on, introducing some much needed colour to the piece. They link to the previously revealed poster and a story about the trailer being attached to the final instalment of the Harry Potter franchise.

We already showed you this, right?
The trailer had been added to the bottom of the article, but it can no longer be played. The stark contrast between the white text centralised on the black background is deeply affecting and helps to get across the powerful message: 'This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc..'.
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