The Princess Bride DVD cover is conceivably-challenged


8th May 2010

Now this is something special. To celebrate the release of the 20th Anniversary edition of The Princess Bride, some complete and utter genius has designed a DVD cover that reads the same if you turn it upside down. Mind = Blown.

This has been doing the rounds on the web for a few days now, which means it is officially old news but I still think it's awesome, if a little spoilerish:

The Princess Bride DVD cover

According to Boing Boing, by way of Justinsomnia, the technique is something called an 'ambigram'. Personally I prefer the term 'upsy-downsy-picachur' but my research on the subject came to an abrupt end when the library staff threw me out for getting peanut butter on all the books.

BONUS TREAT! Because we've been all political in the UK this week, here's the cover with some extra spin.

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