This Bloodwork poster is a work of fart (trailer looks quite good, mind)


15th November 2011

Sorry for the dreadful headline, and also for recycling something that was used in our weekend poster round-up, but this is an important observation that cannot be allowed to go without further public scrutiny.

Here is the full poster for upcoming medical thriller Bloodwork, which I managed to crop in the round-up, sorry about that:

Here is what Bloodwork star Travis Van Winkle looks like:

Now look at the poster again - specifically the upper-middle portion - and prepare your eyes for some horrific photoshop butchery before scrolling down...


... the...

... hell?

He looks angry and confused, like Medusa seeing her own reflection for the first time, or Fat Rick smelling his chair. The side-effects of an experimental drug, surely?

There's also an early teaser trailer (embedded below), which I'm mildly disappointed to report doesn't feature Travis Van Winkle's bloated face, instead opting to present the film in a much more competent light. Aww, no fun - I wanted so see Van Winkle running about trying to keep his big bobble head upright.

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