Today in Mark Wahlberg; The Crow remake plus new Fighter trailer


19th October 2010

It's time for the latest update on everyone's favourite toehead Bostonian and his magical adventures in the world of cinema. Feel it!

Mark Wahlberg is a mystery wrapped in an enigma encased in a six-pack. The guy's made some of the worst movies of the past ten years (Max Payne, The Happening, Planet Of The Apes) yet not only does he still get work, he gets it with directors like Martin Scorsese and Peter Jackson. Could it be that beyond that tough guy exterior lies a shy sensitive soul? Or could it be more likely that Marky Mark merely threatens them with wedgies?

Here are two stories that illustrate just why I find the human conundrum that is Mark Wahlberg so fascinating. On the one hand comes news that he's apparently considering a starring role in the remake of The Crow; the gothic movie more famous for inspiring emo Halloween costumes than actually, y'know, being any good.

I'll admit, I raised an eyebrow when I read that musician Nick Cave was rewriting the script (just when you thought it couldn't get any more depressing), but this is The Crow we're talking about here. The only way I'd be interested in seeing Mark Wahlberg in face paint and leather is if I knew he'd accidentally been shot while filming too.

On the flip side, here's another trailer for David O Russell's The Fighter, showing what Wahlberg is really capable of when he's surrounded by talent. I'll go and see this because of Christian Bale (and because, with him and powderkeg Russell on set, there were bound to be fireworks) but I can accept Wahlberg as a knucklehead jaw-breaker. I'm presuming he's punched a few times too, which wouldn't make me sad.

Here ends today's mystifying lesson in Wahlberg 101, but unfortunately we're still none the wiser to understanding this great man. Make sure you revise for tomorrow: we're trying to solve Channing Tatum.

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