Tom Hardy cast in Batman 3


13th October 2010

Chris Nolan isn't afraid to dream a little bigger, dahling: he's just cast Inception star Tom Hardy in his new Bat-chap flick.

Batman rumours are the fuel to the internet's flame, so it's lovely to report some actual, genuine, salt of the earth casting news regarding Batman 3: Tom Hardy has been cast. Granted, we don't know as whom - hero, villain or other - but it's a start. Next up, an actual confirmed title would be nice, so we can stop calling it Batman 3 like idiots.

The more Inception that bleeds into Nolan's Dark Knight follow-up the better, I say. Hardy was fantastic in what could have been a simple stooge role, and from what I hear, he's brilliant in Bronson. Also, according to his IMDB profile, he loves to drink tea, coffee, Coke, fizzy water and fruit drinks. He's just like me in so many ways it's scary.

So, with Hardy on board, is it safe to assume Joseph Gordon-Levitt could be next? I think so: Nolan has a habit of recasting actors he's worked with in future projects and Levitt would be a great addition to the Batman Nolanverse (I hate myself for typing that).

By this reckoning, it's only a matter of time before The Prestige's Hugh Jackman is announced as the new Catwoman. Get it? It's funny because he likes to sing and dance, like a lady.

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