Too easy: Lindsay Lohan to play Linda Lovelace in biopic


4th May 2010

Broke-ass struggling actress Lindsay Lohan to play broke-ass struggling actress Linda Lovelace in new biopic, Inferno. Quantity of head given by each woman is not suitable conversation for a movies blog.

Derp derp derp. That's how easy it is to cast a role in Hollywood. "Hmm, we need a Hobo With A Shotgun... what about Rutger Hauer?" Done. "Hmm, we need a smarmy hitman with an uptight girlfriend... what about Ash-rine Kutch-gl?" Done. Simple. See you on the green!

So... Need an actress to play a shameless, desperate, washed-up actress who'd do anything for money?


Lindsay Lohan has been confirmed to play Deep Throat porn actress Linda Lovelace in a new biopic, Inferno, say The LA Times. Anna Faris was previously connected with the role, which obviously would have been awesome. But Lohan? If I wanted to see her in certain sordid scenarios, I'm guessing all I'd need is a ticket to Hollywood, a bag of white powder and a big box with a stick holding it up.

Still, director Matthew Wilder must have some promise, because he's roped in Bill 'not Paxton' Pullman to play Hugh Hefner, and back when the movie was in its gestation, he had Sam Rockwell interested too. He'll reportedly be looking to fund the movie in Cannes later this month.

Whether or not Lindsay Lohan can do anything other than break the law (and our hearts) these days remains to be seen, but it has to be said: this is probably her last shot at a serious acting career. Hell, if she can't accurately portray a woman who blows dudes for money, there really can't be many roles left for her in Hollywood. At this point, I wouldn't even hire her to star in a Lindsay Lohan biopic.

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