True Blood: get your teeth into season four (sorry)

Ed Williamson

17th May 2011

"Hello? ... Oh, hi. A couple of hundred words about the new True Blood season four promo clip? Sure, it's just ... no, but I've never actually seen it before ... What? A YouTube vid and a couple of half-arsed vampire puns will do the trick? Well then, BAT's no problem! ... What? ... No, you're right, sorry. There was no need to start straight away."

OK, HBO's Emmy-winning vampire drama True Blood, which I have DEFINITELY seen before and am thus fully qualified to write about, is about to begin its fourth season in the US. Fangs a lot, HBO, that's what I say!

Heh-heh ... so yeah, maybe we'll finally find out whether, uh, Vampire Joe and ... Vampire, um, Judy ... fall in love? Or whether Great Uncle Vampire will, like, find that thing he was looking for? You know, his keys or whatever?


Anyway, it starts on the 26th of June on HBO in the States. Doesn't look like there's a UK release date confirmed yet, but when there is, we'll get someone other than me to tell you about it - deal?

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