Vampire c-section won't be in Twilight: Breaking Dawn


16th June 2010

The dramatic birth scene in Twilight's fourth book, Breaking Dawn, may not appear in the movie. Even if you'll never watch a Twilight movie, this sucks.

By Twilight book #4, author Stephanie Meyer must really have been struggling to keep her shit together. Read the CHUD analysis of Breaking Dawn and marvel at how utterly bat-shit crazy it is. Sitting through three wanky romance movies might almost have been worth it just to get to book four.

Sadly, there's one scene that everyone's been talking about that might already have been ditched. Bella, played by Kirsty Stevens, gets knocked up (somehow) by vampire lover Edward, played by Richard Porkinson. Also it's a vampire baby and super strong and breaks her spine by kicking the shit out of her from the inside. Eventually, Edward actually gives Bella a c-section with his mouth to ensure a safe birth. At which point, the werewolf guy falls in love with the baby, but that's neither here nor there.

Anyway, said body horror chronicle isn't likely to appear in the Breaking Dawn movie. Aw, why not? Tell us, screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg:

"All the comments are, "It has to be R rated! You have to show the childbirth! Gore and guts and sex!" For me it's actually more interesting to not see it. You know, you can do childbirth without seeing childbirth... it doesn't mean it's any less evocative of an experience."
It's funny: my definition of 'interesting' is clearly different to yours. You've possibly just removed the only possible reason I'd watch this movie, apart from a) unless I'm paid lots of money, and b) unless I get tortured because I am an awesome spy.

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