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3rd November 2009

A bit of shameless self-promotion it may be, but vote for your top 5 movies of the last ten years and you could win a year's subscription to LOVEFiLM, plus my respect, which is worth much, much less.

You may or may not know this, but when I'm not wearing spandex and fighting movie crime in my Shiznit guise, I work as a buttoned-down, mild-mannered reporter for No one suspects a thing.

But now these two world must collide, for I have a worky thing to plug. Normal service will be resumed shortly afterwards and we can all go back to laughing at Nicolas Cage's hair and that 'tiger in a hurricane' film. have begun a user poll to find the Movie Of The Decade. Click here to pop over to the site, where you get five votes to cast on your favourite films of the last ten years. So that's Crank, Crank 2 and... well, what else needs to be said?

If you enter - and I'll be your best friend if you do* - then you're in with a chance to win a year's free subscription with LOVEFiLM.

So yeah, go and vote but stay here and discuss your top picks in the comments - I'm genuinely interested what people's favourites are. FYI, mine were Fellowship Of The Ring, Amelie, Kill Bill Vol. 1, No Country For Old Men and The Dark Knight.

And on that bombshell, here's a video of a cat in space. Seeya!

* Friendship may be more intense than expected

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