Wacky audition for Yogi Bear works


22nd November 2009

TJ Miller, the 'funny' one from Cloverfield was so desperate to be in the new Yogi Bear movie that he filmed himself opposite an actual bear! But here's the real zany part: it worked! See the audition tape after the jump. TJ Miller? You ker-azy.

Having tried out for the part of Ranger Jones twice already, Cloverfield's cameraman, Hud, jokingly filmed a new audition with a real-life cute, cuddly, but extremely-vicious-when-riled, brown bear.

The vid somehow made its way to Barry Meyer, the chairman of Warner Brothers, who then offered him the part. Of course, Miller could have just dropped the DVD of the footage off at Warner Brothers reception addressed to Meyer but the story sounds better when it's told as a madcap happenstance.

So now Miller will star in the film as Ranger Jones, presumably as a live-action character opposite the CG Yogi and Boo Boo. Other casting for the film includes the very hit-and-miss Anna Faris, the at-best 'unproven' Justin Timberlake and the increasingly mental Dan Aykroyd.

In fact, between the pitch of the movie and those currently involved, it's hard to imagine why Miller would want a part, let alone risk his life trying to get it. He probably just won the role by being the first person who asked.

Either way it is clear from this clip that Miller didn't really do anything worthy of a studio exec saying, "Yup - THAT'S our guy! What an unsung natural talent!"

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