Want: Star Wars space slug oven glove


26th May 2010

The perfect gift for an Aunt or Uncle.

Star Wars may have evolved to become slang for "shitty merchandise" (seriously, they'll stamp that brand on any old hunk of plastic and someone will want it) but occassionally the odd crumb of genius falls from the rolls between George Lucas' necks. Well, the necks of whoever he pays to come up with ideas nowadays.

Behold, the Space Slug Oven Mitt:

Somewhere a nerd is already plotting ways to have sex with this.

I can think of three, which is one more than usual.

I won't lie: I want one. Two, in fact - one for each hand. You can get them here but you'll have to wait until August. My birthday is in March, by the way.

Props to the always-excellent /Film for finding this, and doing a better job of reporting it than we did.

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