Warning: Men In Black III incoming


31st October 2009

Aww hell no. Rumours of a third Men In Black movie are indeed true; work has begun on a script. Where do we get hold of those memory neutralisers again?

I was just thinking the other day how another Men In Black sequel was probably long overdue. It's not often an A-list movie is popular enough to spawn a sequel without rounding off the trilogy, and though MIB2 was pretty terrible, the first certainly showed the concept of aliens living among us had plenty of promise.

Strangely enough, along comes news of Men In Black 3, which is to be written by screenwriter Etan Cohen, who penned Tropic Thunder and the massively underrated Idiocracy. Why come you've never heard of him?

There's no news yet on the return of Will Smith's Agent J, or Tommy Lee Jones' Agent K, but you'd think some sort of cameo would be the least they could manage. It'd certainly be seen as a stoop for Smith to return to a failing franchise, ditto Jones, but the presence of Cohen as writer at least suggests this won't be a direct-to-DVD effort.

Let's just hope he can knock up a proper villain this time out. MIB2 had Lara Flynn Boyle as a killer alien with slimy tentacles - weird, but when you spend ten years shagging Jack Nicholson, it's probably just another day at the office.

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