Watch The Karate Kid online for free! (sort of)


29th November 2011

Hi, Google. Just wanted to let you know a complete set of rehearsal tapes for The Karate Kid starring Ralph Macchio and Mr. Miyagi are available to watch for free online.

In 2010 director John G. Avildsen uploaded a set of rehearsal tapes for his high-kicking 1984 blockbuster The Karate Kid to YouTube. Yesterday I saw them for the first time, so here they are being reported just like real news. Basically it's a scene-for-scene dry run, complete with audible off-screen instructions and a distinct lack of sets and props. That makes it sounds rubbish but it's actually quite fascinating to watch.

Is this a thing filmmakers do regularly, or used to do before George Lucas partitioned everyone? I guess Avildsen employed this approach as he was working with a lot of young actors, but I'd be delighted to know if there are any other examples floating about. Check out the entire set below, or head over to Avildsen's YouTube page for more insights into his lengthy and varied career - he also directed Rocky, donchaknow!

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