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16th March 2011

Sam and Simon from the Picturehouse podcast were gracious enough to let me contribute my shitty opinionoids on their latest broadcast. The only problem was... I hadn't seen any of the films! (*record scratch*)

I've never been much of a 'radio' guy - I'd rather wake up to find a lobster wrestling with my junk than listen to Chris Moyles and his ilk - so subsequently, I guess I've never been much of a podcast guy either. They struck me as a quite spiffy name for what basically amounts to some spod shouting his ill-informed opinions into the vast chasm that is the internet.

All of which is the perfect segue into this, the latest podcast from Sam and Simon at Picturehouse Cinemas. If you've never listened to it before, it's a weekly must if you want to know how the week's new movies are looking. Unfortunately, you won't find out much this week, because they had me on as a guest and I hadn't seen any of the films. Naturally, I didn't let this stop me from blithely filling the airwaves with my verbal guffs.

Thanks again to Sam and Simon for babysitting me and humouring my rubbish puns (and cutting out the bit where I said out loud, "You don't know me, I might be a massive racist"). Head here for their weekly podcasts and head to your local Picturehouse cinema for great movies at low, low prices! (*accepts bribe*)

Picturehouse Podcast 39: All's Fair In Love and Wood by Picturehouses

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