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We've got a friend in Pixar

We've got a friend in Pixar
Because it's a slow day, we've had a bad week and occasionally, we need an ego boost. Just indulge us.
Earlier this year, when we posted our first truthful movie posters article, things went a bit mad. IMDB.com got hold of it. Buzzfeed.com got hold of it. Claudia Winkleman got hold of it. Then, the feature's popularity climaxed at around the same time as I did, when Lee Unkrich - the director of Toy Story 3, tweeted the Pixar picture. Squee!

Since then, it seems we have a friend at Pixar. Our Matt's cousin got in touch recently to let us know that it wasn't just Lee Unkrich who was a fan, but there were others at Pixar who knew our stuff too...

"You should know that Pixar know about your Toy Story 3 movie poster. I was at a conference thing for animation in Germany last week, and a guy from Pixar was doing a talk on project management and stuff.

He used the 'You're Going To Cry' poster instead of the Toy Story 3 one, saying 'This isn't the real poster, but it is my favourite!'"

Let's hope they didn't see the poster we did for Cars 2.

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