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Alice Eve

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Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

Posted by Matt at 19:00 on 04 May 2013
Star Trek Into Darkness
Right from the very first scene, which sees Kirk and Bones sprinting through bright red flora to escape from a primitive alien tribe, Star Trek Into Darkness proves to be a film of relentless adventure. It’s non-stop action through and through, and, once this opening chase sets the pace, the film seems to always be constantly accelerating. As such, the film spends all of its time going somewhere; and it goes quickly, it goes loudly and it goes spectacularly. The only problem is that it never seems to live up to the franchise’s original mission statement and go boldly.

If the new Star Trek poster was as subtle as the new Star Trek trailer

Posted by Ali at 14:00 on 21 Mar 2013
If the new Star Trek poster was as subtle as the new Star Trek trailer
They should have called this movie Star Tits Into Bra-rkness. Am I right or am I right? (Actual poster at IMP).

Because it's the slowest day for movie news since forever...

Posted by Luke at 22:11 on 15 Jan 2013

Alice Eve, Guillermo del Toro and Big Bird appeared at this year's Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show to present a Star Trek Into Darkness trailer and pick up pay cheques. We haven't got the trailer, but tech website The Verge have put together a 'best of' the bizarrely hilarious keynote speech they were part of hashtag movies. (via The Verge).

Review: Men In Black 3D

Posted by Ali at 23:00 on 16 May 2012
Men In Black 3D
It's been ten years since the last underwhelming Men In Black movie and 15 long years since the brilliant original - and no one particularly asked to have it back. So... how does Men In Black 3D fare?

X-Men: First Class swaps one hottie for another

Posted by Ali at 21:40 on 18 Aug 2010
X-Men: First Class swaps one hottie for another
When I say that researching for these pictures is the best part of my day, I'm really, really not lying.

Alice Eve's breasts join X-Men Babies

Posted by Ali at 21:46 on 28 Jun 2010
Alice Eve's breasts join X-Men Babies
They'll play Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class. Congrats, you two.

Review: She's Out Of My League

Posted by Rob at 19:51 on 10 Jun 2010
She's Out Of My League
Please, stop me if you've heard all this before. An average guy meets an attractive woman, to the utter jealously of his buddies. However, because they love him, they want to help him and we as the audience feel we can relate to at least one of the core characters.

Review: Sex And The City 2

Posted by Anna at 21:44 on 01 Jun 2010
Sex And The City 2
If you've seen the freaky poster for this movie, that should tell you all you need to know without having to purchase a ticket. This film is plastic, with no heart and very little brain. Fans of the TV series beware; this ill-advised sequel is a major letdown and it makes the first movie look like The Godfather in comparison.

She's Out Of My League trailer

Posted by Ali at 23:26 on 29 Jan 2010
She's Out Of My League trailer
Something something something romantic comedy blah blah blah Jay Baruchel yada yada yada zzzzzzzzzz rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb Alice Eve's breasts.
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