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  • The Uninvited

    Movie Review | Ali | 6th May 2009

    Yawn. That's how excited I was about The Uninvited. Not even bothered enough to think up a witty intro. Fact is, even for a man who's often frightened by his own toes, modern horror movies fill me with roughly as much terror as receiving a free pizza. I am happy to report, then, that this is barely a horror movie at all, and wha...

  • The Grudge 2

    Movie Review | Ali | 17th October 2006

    This site is holding a particular grudge of its own at the moment, what with our recent rant on the ubiquity of sequels and remakes. There's one dude out there who's perhaps more guilty of such crimes than anyone else on the planet, and he shows no signs of slowing; his name is Takashi Shimizu and he's the man behind the recent...