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  • Mr Robot: season 2, episode 2 recap: ""

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 21st July 2016

    There's a dog in this one. The dog is called Maxine. Who is this dog? Where is she going? Has she ever learned to love?

  • Mr Robot: season 2, episode 1 recap: ""

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 14th July 2016

    It's been about nine months since I last saw an episode of Mr Robot, and now I remember I rarely have a bloody clue what's going on. Is he his own dad? Is his dog real? Why would there be a fully-functioning popcorn machine still in an abandoned amusement arcade? Oh God there are 12 of these things.

  • Bullet To The Head

    Movie Review | Ali | 27th January 2013

    The best thing about Bullet To The Head is that it is only 91 minutes long. I've watched so many three-hour, awards-worthy epics this month, I was expecting the final fight between Sylvester Stallone and villain Jason Momoa to be the catalyst that actually gets the story started. Brevity is hardly a big selling point, but know this: Bullet To The Head is short, sharp and to the point, if the point is Sly Stallone punching, kicking and stabbing people quite violently.

  • Films on TV round-up: exes, excitement and explosions

    TV Feature | Matt Looker | 26th June 2011

    Ed's disappeared from the internet for the weekend so I'm covering his regular Films on TV throughout the week feature. Only I'm short on time, so I've done a rush job with far less research and far more nonsensical rambling. Shit, is it too late to still put his name at the top of this?