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  • Olympus Has Fallen

    Movie Review | Matt | 16th April 2013

    In the land of boil-in-a-bag movie pitches, the 'Die Hard in a…' concept is king. It sits upon a gun-shaped throne wearing a torn, bloodied white vest, a crown made of bullets and a self-deprecating smile. And with good reason. Finish the sentence 'Die Hard in a…' with any intelligible idea and you have a movie that instantly sounds fucking amazing. Die Hard in a circus? Imagine the possibilities! Die Hard in a lift? Claustrocore-iffic! Die Hard in time? WHY AREN’T I WATCHING THAT RIGHT NOW? Die Hard in the White House? Sure, I'm on board. Why not?

  • Here's why I don't get on with American Horror Story

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 18th December 2012

    This guy. Supposedly they're a normal family who moved into a haunted house, but the bloke never puts a shirt on and he looks like this with it off. And human beings don't actually look like that, so I lost interest. Oh, and Dylan McDermott shirtless topless abs, by the way, Google.

  • The Campaign

    Movie Review | Matt | 23rd September 2012

    The curly-haired manchild is back! And this time there’s added The Funny One From The Hangover so this has to be the funniest comedy ever, right? Or at least the most low-brow. Hmm... or maybe just something in between those two? Yes, that’s it. That’s exactly what we have here.