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  • Oh Spider-Man, you so amazing

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 21st July 2011

    After two successive bootlegs leaked online, the official trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man has landed. Consensus? Oooooh.

  • Emma Stone offered Mary-Jane in Spider-Man reboot

    Movie News | Chris | 3rd October 2010

    Update: Emma Stone was actually cast as Gwen Stacy, not Mary-Jane. Sorry about that. Blame the internet. --- Face it movie fans...you just hit the jackpot, as the star of the surprise hit Easy A might swing with Andrew Garfield in the Spider-Man reboot.

  • Zombieland

    Movie Review | Chris | 7th October 2009

    By now, every good movie nerd knows that it's not easy to strike the perfect balance between humour and horror, and the list of films that do it well is depressingly short. Well, now you can add Zombieland to the list.

  • The Rocker

    Movie Review | Ali | 13th October 2008

    The transition from TV to movies is always a tricky one. How many times have we seen the star of a huge television show attempt to climb a rung of the entertainment ladder only to fall off the entire thing altogether? Seen any David Caruso movies lately? Sobering indeed. Now it's the turn of Rainn Wilson to make the leap to lead...

  • Superbad

    Movie Review | Ali | 19th August 2007

    Remember being the age where you were young, dumb and full of something you would later learn was called cum? That socially retarded, awkward as all hell, moist-panted phase towards the end of school and the beginning of the rest of your life? The age when all you and your buddies wanted to do was get laid (but didn't know why) ...