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  • Yogi Bear

    Movie Review | Matt | 11th February 2011

    No one was more surprised than me when I sat down to watch Yogi Bear and was actually confronted with an utterly fantastic update of one of my favourite childhood cartoons. The gags kept coming, each as sharp and funny as the one before, as I giggled away in my seat like the 8-year-old me did all those years ago. Alas, I'm not talking about the abysmal Yogi Bear movie itself, but the brilliant new Wile E Coyote and Road Runner 3D short shown beforehand.

  • Journey To The Center Of The Earth 3D

    Movie Review | Rob | 20th July 2008

    This isn't a direct remake of the classic Jules Verne tale that we all know and love (I for one had a cracking animated version of it on video when I was younger. It was bloody fantastic). Instead, it's a bang up-to-date story of a familiar journey that features mobile phones, PSPs and Google, referencing the original story in d...