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  • Edge Of Tomorrow

    Movie Review | Ali Gray | 30th May 2014

    "See Paris die!" In 2005, Warner Bros took a novel approach to marketing their horror remake House Of Wax: they knew audiences wanted to see the film's star, Paris Hilton, meet a grisly end, and they didn't shy away from spoiling her character's fate. You can't help but think, then, that Warners have missed a trick promoting Edge Of Tomorrow, a sci-fi time-loop thriller that sees star Tom Cruise killed in around 50 different ways, only to wake up very much alive the morning before. "See Tom die!" would get way more people into the cinema than "Live. Die. Repeat" and that's a shame, because Edge Of Tomorrow is a terrific action movie that deserves to be seen by as many people as possible. It's taut, twisted and blackly funny in ways that only movies in which Tom Cruise gets crushed under the wheels of a truck can be.