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Nikki Finke officially beyond parody

Posted by Ali Gray at 22:00 on 05 Dec 2013
Nikki Finke officially beyond parody
Fuck off, Nikki.

Review: Thor: The Dark World

Posted by Ali Gray at 07:00 on 24 Oct 2013
Thor: The Dark World
"How is space?"
"Space is fine."

Isn't it nice that superhero movies don't feel the need to take themselves seriously any more? Even Thor, the superhero with the most potential to be a massive space ponce, is – for want of a better word – smashing it. The Dark Knight trilogy was brooding and brilliant, no one is disputing that, but now that Batman has been put to bed, it feels like the real fun can begin. Marvel are on a hot-streak (if you ignore Iron Man 2, Incredible Hulk and shut up) and their Thor sequel sees that string of hits continue; The Dark World arrives in the same vein as Avengers Assemble and Iron Man 3 i.e. laden with lots of fun, lots of laughs and so much charisma that even the minor characters matter. Who'd have thought a throwaway interaction between Thor and Kat Dennings' comic relief Darcy would end up being the funniest exchange of the movie?

Just checking...

Posted by Ali at 22:00 on 13 Jul 2013
Just checking...
Are we all okay with this? Because I'll be honest, I'm picturing Terrence Howard in a powder wig.

Review: Pacific Rim

Posted by Ali at 08:00 on 08 Jul 2013
Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim isn't a monster movie. Don't let the presence of giant man-made robots fighting gigantic hellbeasts fool you. What Guillermo del Toro has done with Pacific Rim is what no other filmmaker has done in the creature feature genre for decades – take a bona fide B-movie concept with a triple-A budget and make it matter. In just a few minutes of pre-credits back-story, del Toro paints a picture of a changed world that hangs in the balance: the arrival of 25,000 tonne monsters from another dimension, the cities that fell, humanity's response, the inevitable false dawn when we started winning. That neat set-up acts as a pre-bout bell ring, but when Jaeger eventually meets Kaiju on the Pacific Rim battlefield, it doesn't feel like a mere monster movie – it feels like a goddamn war film.

I think we all know who the real monster is, Pacific Rim trailer

Posted by Luke at 21:47 on 13 Dec 2012

First contact with aliens and we build giant robots purely to punch their faces in. Welcome to Earth.

Review: Prometheus

Posted by Ali at 07:00 on 31 May 2012
For all the talk of Prometheus "sharing the same DNA" as Alien, Ridley Scott's prequel doesn't bear much family resemblance to its granddaddy. The economy of horror that served his 1979 effort so well is replaced by a big-budget, star-gazing sci-fi that wants you to know it has size on its side. Hugely ambitious and staggering in its grand designs, Prometheus is almost hamstrung by the fact it is an Alien movie at all – the mishmash of grotesque body-horror and chin-stroking existentialism does not always make for the most coherent movie, but it is at least an entertaining one and certainly no black mark on the franchise.

Review: Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance

Posted by Matt at 16:25 on 17 Feb 2012
Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance
Great news for fans of Nic Cage's inimitable, eccentric acting style: Ghost Rider 2 contains some truly classic batshit Cage moments that seem destined to grace gifs and YouTube clips across the Internet. Bad news for everyone else: otherwise, the film is pretty rubs.

The five best Nic Cage quotes from the Ghost Rider 2 press junket

Posted by Matt at 12:00 on 16 Feb 2012
The five best Nic Cage quotes from the Ghost Rider 2 press junket
It's a proud moment when gets to share the same breathing space as Sir Nicolas of Cage. The man - nay, the legend - has not only provided us with years of onscreen entertainment, but also a lifetime's worth of curious offscreen antics and reason for much debate and deliberation. Needless to say, if he knew the amount of love we have shown him on the site over the years, I probably would have been asked to leave the room.

Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance trailer = CAGE RAGE squared

Posted by Ali at 10:20 on 20 Aug 2011
Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance trailer = CAGE RAGE squared
You thought Nic Cage reclaiming his castle in the name of love in Trespass yesterday was Cage Rage? YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHIN' YET.

Prometheus looks... uhh... (*runs*)

Posted by Ali at 12:00 on 26 Jul 2011
Prometheus looks... uhh... (*runs*)
Amazing first official still from Ridley Scott's eagerly anticipated Alien prequel, starring the hottest cast in Hollywood and written by one of the most in-demand scribes in the business. Your hopes: lift them higher!
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