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  • Rubber

    Movie Review | Ali | 5th April 2011

    People toss around the word "weird" far too easily. "Did you see Inception? When they fight in the revolving corridor? That was so weird!" Sorry, that's not weird - it's imaginative and bold and conceptually brilliant, but it ain't weird. You want weird? A psychotic tyre called Robert, who is inexplicably given life only to roll around the desert, exploding the heads of all who get in his way. That's weird. That's bloody weird.

  • Sleeping Dogs

    Movie Review | Ali | 21st February 2007

    "My name is Amy, and yes, at college, I blew my dog." Quite the opening line, no? It's the suitably bizarre beginning to this bestiality-themed rom-com, directed by former Police Academy oddball and comedian Bobcat Goldthwaite. Man, was this ever a hard sell to the producers - imagine sitting at your desk when in walks Offi...