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  • Shelter

    Movie Review | Matt | 11th April 2010

    Every so often a film comes out that suffers from what I like to call 'Stephen King Syndrome'. That's when a film has an interesting and mysterious premise...only for us to find out that giant alien spiders were to blame the whole time, or something else just as senseless. I'm talking about films like Knowing, Dreamcatcher, The Forgotten...and now Shelter.

  • From Paris With Love

    Movie Review | Rob | 3rd March 2010

    Let me point out the elephant in the room here. I don't care for the title. It's neither imaginative nor catchy, and it's been nicked from Bond. The first poster was rubbish too. A gun with the Eiffel Tower as the barrel? It's crap, and probably made many people write the film off before they even caught a glimpse of Travolta's renegade CIA, Yul Brynner-resembling douche.