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Kristen Bell

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Review: The Boss

Posted by Ed Williamson at 23:00 on 09 Jun 2016
The Boss
You probably learn more about how comedy works through watching a bad one than a good one. Not that that's much consolation when you've shelled out thirteen quid. The Boss isn't terrible, as anything with Melissa McCarthy in it would struggle to be, but it falls far enough short to be instructive.

Review: Veronica Mars

Posted by Christopher Ratcliff at 07:00 on 17 Mar 2014
Veronica Mars
"I'm the reason people know that Anne Hathaway has a vagina". This line, delivered by the excellent Ken Marino as returning scumbag Vinnie Van Lowe, is just one of the many beautifully written, needle-sharp moments stippled throughout the titular private detective’s return to Neptune. The other fictional Californian 'hellmouth'.

You scream, I scream, we all scream for the Scream 4 trailer

Posted by Ali at 22:32 on 21 Oct 2010
You scream, I scream, we all scream for the Scream 4 trailer
"The rules have changed," says a spotty little Randy substitute. Essentially though, Scream 4 will still be about a masked murdered who likes to stab people. So that's okay then.

Review: Couples Retreat

Posted by Matt at 22:42 on 15 Oct 2009
Couples Retreat
It's been 13 years since Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn first showed us the "money" in Swingers, and each collaboration in the meantime hasn't quite measured up to that exceptional debut. Can Couples Retreat finally live up to expectations? Unfortunately, no - it's good, but it's not on the money.

Review: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Posted by Ali at 17:06 on 27 Apr 2008
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
For all the fuss surrounding producer Judd Apatow's comedies, there are some people involved in his movies that have been seriously neglected for their contributions. The 40 Year-Old Virgin wouldn't have worked half as well without co-writer and wax-resistant star Steve Carell in the title role; Knocked Up birthed not one but tw...
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