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  • Gather round folks for a good old-fashioned poster cornholin'

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 27th February 2014

    How bad is this new poster for Seth MacFarlane's A Million Ways To Die In The West? Let me count the ways.

  • The Liam Neeson Integrity Timeline

    Movie Feature | Ali | 25th June 2013

    That's Taken 3, coming soon, rated U for Universal.

  • Twitter search: reassuring me I'm not funny or clever since 2006

    Movie Feature | Ali | 8th October 2012

    'Taken 2: The Knacker's Yard' is the better gag, anyway.

  • Taken 2

    Movie Review | Matt | 21st September 2012

    When Liam Neeson uses his particular set of skills - y'know, the ones that he has acquired over a very long career - to hunt you down, it turns out that what he'll do to you is nothing compared to the butchering you'll receive in the editing suite afterwards.

  • Liam Neeson dials down threat following Taken 2's 12A rating

    Movie News | Ali | 15th September 2012

    Revenge-fulled violent kidnap torturefest Taken 2 goes for the teen pocket money demographic with a 12A rating. (Full BBFC details here).

  • Taken 2 to feature guns, mourning, torture, extreme air guitar

    Movie News | Ali | 1st September 2012

    If it's anything like its predecessor, Taken 2 will feature lots of shots of Liam Neeson looking pained, plenty of gunplay and more than its fair share of torture. One new addition for the sequel, however, is the inclusion of rockin' out. Let me explain.

  • Battleship

    Movie Review | Ali | 11th April 2012

    "Well... what did you expect?" I don't give much credence to people who equate 'blockbuster' with 'brainless entertainment'. Just because it has a big budget, is based on a board game, stars dramatically-challenged pop singer Rihanna and is a blatant Transformers stand-in for an Optimus-free summer, doesn't give Battleship the excuse to be average. All of this puts it at an instant disadvantage when it comes to preconceptions, sure, but I for one hoped that director Peter Berg could pull a soggy rabbit out of his hat. After all, how can you make a $200 million alien invasion blockbuster set on water, featuring methods of transport so lumbering and slow, it takes them an hour just to change direction? How indeed. The answer is OH MY GOD LOOK AN EXPLOSION!!!

  • Wrath Of The Titans

    Movie Review | Matt | 30th March 2012

    When you consider the critical shitpanning that was given to Clash Of The Titans upon release, it's hard to understand how a sequel was ever greenlit. Absurd plot points, stilted dialogue and 3D so eye-bleedingly bad it nearly undid all of Avatar's goodwill singlehandedly...and yet here we are again. With the promise of bigger and better monsters - and a new, less anachronistic haircut for Sam Worthington - is this film a vast improvement? Nuh-uh.

  • New Battleship trailer makes slow news day go with a bang

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 13th March 2012

    Frankly, I'm only posting this because a) it has explosions and Liam Neeson in it, my two favourite things, b) it's a trailer and not a teaser for a trailer, naming no names RIDLEY SCOTT'S PROMETHEUS, and c) it's not camcorder footage of a Twilight sequel playing on TV in a shop. News!

  • Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace 3D

    Movie Review | Matt | 10th February 2012

    One of the most reviled films in cinema history comes to a format that is little more than a cynical cash-grab, all from a man who raped our childhoods. But fuck it, it's still Star Wars, right guys? Guys?