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  • Weird how Paul Rudd was in Friends before he was Paul Rudd

    TV Video | Ed Williamson | 12th April 2012

    When Paul Rudd started doing movies I was like, Shit, there's Phoebe's husband from Friends doing movies. Now when I see him in Friends I'm like, Shit, Paul Rudd was in Friends.

  • Paul Rudd officially tired of Jennifer Aniston's shit

    Movie Feature | Ben | 27th December 2011

    Fancy sitting through another Jennifer Aniston comedy in which she goes on an emotional journey of discovery? No? Neither does Paul Rudd, in our new, some might say 'improved' poster for Wanderlust.

  • Hey idiot, why not win Dinner For Schmucks on DVD?

    Movie Competition | Ali | 16th January 2011

    Featuring David Walliams from Little Britain!

  • Dinner For Schmucks

    Movie Review | Rob | 1st September 2010

    A dinner party usually means making futile small talk with the bloke sitting opposite, struggling to figure out what fork to use first or worrying that your tie is dangling in the soup. It's a good job, then, that French director Francis Veber spiced up this meek institution by inviting a few prize idiots along for his 1998 film, Le Diner De Cons. But for those who happened to miss it - and let's face it, that's probably most of us - Jay Roach has remade it for us uncultured yobs who prefer crude gags, silly accents and Steve Carell going all out with the sillies.

  • Trailer for James L Brooks' Paul Rudd romcom, How Do You Know

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 14th August 2010

    That should have a question mark, surely.

  • Paul Rudd and Steve Carell are still schmucking funny

    Movie Trailer | Matt | 7th April 2010

    Here's the trailer and poster for new frat-pack comedy Dinner For Schmucks. Paul Rudd and Steve Carell are in it. That's enough.

  • Jason Segel and Paul Rudd are high

    Movie News | Ali | 7th February 2010

    A video has surfaced of comedians Paul Rudd and Jason Segel, bored by their UK press junket for I Love You, Man, apparently stoned out of their minds. Uhh... hur-hur-hur. I said 'junk'.

  • I Love You, Man

    Movie Review | Ali | 4th May 2009

    Just how likeable is Paul Rudd? Let's put it this way: I rate all my friends in units of Rudd. (That guy? He's a three-Rudder. Her? Half a Rudd. And so on.) I'm hard pushed thinking of another comedian that comes across as quite so effortlessly chummy on screen, which is why the concept of Paul Rudd trying to find a male best fr...

  • Monsters Vs Aliens

    Movie Review | Kirsty | 21st April 2009

    Like so many brides to be, Susan Murphy's wedding day consisted of getting up early to be faffed and fluffed over; sneaking off to see her groom before the ceremony; being squished by a quantonium-laden meteorite and subsequently transformed into a 49-and-a-half-foot government secret codenamed Ginormica. It's a timeless tale. ...

  • Role Models

    Movie Review | Ali | 10th January 2009

    Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott (y'know, Stifler) are two of the most underrated comic actors in the business; they've both been plugging away for years but always seem to get saddled with thankless roles in shitty films (Over Her Dead Body, Dukes Of Hazzard etc). Surviving on the bottom rungs of the comedy ladder, their only ...