Philippe Petit

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  • Behind the scenes pics of The Walk prove it does not walk the walk

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 20th February 2015

    Heading to cinemas in October of this year is The Walk, a dramatized version of Philippe Petit's death-defying wire walk between the Twin Towers, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Vanity Fair have just released behind the scenes photos that make you not want to watch it.

  • Man On Wire

    Movie Review | Anna | 4th August 2008

    On August 7th 1974, one man crossed the void between the two towers of the World Trade Center, 1,350 feet above the streets of New York - on a wire. No harness, no safety nets, no TV crew filming him. The only thing stopping him plummeting hundreds of feet was his own skill and determination; one quiver and he'd had it. The m...