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  • Once Upon a Time to bolster Nazi-free Channel 5 scheduling

    TV Video | Ed Williamson | 20th March 2012

    I haven't smoked in over 48 hours. So what I really need is a FUCKING VIDEO OF SOME FUCKING FAIRYTALE BASTARDS AND sorry, sorry. I'm sure this is great, really. Even though it's got FUCKING PIXIES IN IT I MEAN WHO THE FUCK MAKES TV WITH PIXIES AND

  • Let's check in with Once Upon a Time, shall we?

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 26th January 2012

    See, I was already 100% sure I didn't want to watch a show about fairytales starring Dr Cameron off House even before Channel 5 picked it up to air in the Spring. But fair's fair: let's have a quick look and see how it's getting on in the States by way of a series of oddly low-res images I nicked off Digital Spy.

  • Robert Carlyle would do Porno

    Movie News | Ali | 10th September 2009

    Titter, tee hee, guffaw, etc. What Robert Carlyle means is that he's willing to make the sequel to Trainspotting with Danny Boyle. Sorry for going all The Sun on you there.

  • 28 Weeks Later

    Movie Review | Dave | 26th June 2007

    With the original writer and director team, Alex Garland, and Danny Boyle, otherwise occupied with Sunshine, and breakout stars Cillian Murphy and Naomie Harris tied up with Batman and Jack Sparrow respectively, one could be forgiven for being rather pessimistic about this sequel to 2002's surprise hit 28 Days Later. Intacto ...

  • Eragon

    Movie Review | Ali | 23rd December 2006

    Nerds have been well catered for in cinemas in recent years. You've had Tolkien's Hobbit adventures, which have seen acne-scarred armies take over the multiplex; the Harry Potter films have had amateur magicians vigorously stroking their wands for years; even comic-book nerds have had their inkiest wank fantasies transferred to...