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  • #LFF2013: The Double

    Movie Review | Rob Young | 20th October 2013

    As he took to the stage at the London Film Festival, Richard Ayoade stumbled through the introduction of his new film. He turns to his executive producer, who just so happens to be Michael Caine, and says, "You're probably used to working with someone much more professional." But the modest Ayoade has nothing to worry about. The Double is an extremely professional piece of work, assuring his place as one of the country's finest directors/quiz show panellists.

  • Kiss my face, Alan's back

    TV Review | Kirsty Harrison | 19th November 2010

    Fosters may be terrible watery slop masquerading as lager, but we should still stop and raise a glass of other available beverage to its makers in thanks for a couple of things.