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  • Arrested Development developments

    TV News | Kirsty Harrison | 2nd October 2011

    News. Big... big news. OHMYGODWE'RENOTEVENJOKING!

  • Dunder Mifflin are headhunting

    TV News | Kirsty | 13th August 2010

    In 2011, the 7th series of The Office will see the departure of it’s long-serving regional manager Michael Scott, much to the relief of his long-suffering underlings. NBC are on the hunt for new blood, but who in their right mind wants to move to Scranton?

  • The Informant!

    Movie Review | Chris | 20th November 2009

    The Informant! is the best Coen Brothers movie not actually directed by the Coen Brothers. Insanely prolific director Steven Soderbergh has managed to capture the distinct Coen vibe - mainly the sardonic sense of humor and dry wit - while making it completely his own. The final result is an engaging, intricate movie about a whistleblower that manages to double as a send-up of movies about whistleblowers.