Vince Vaughn

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  • Be Cool

    Movie Review | | 2nd April 2005

    Smugness is not a quality I particularly look for in a film star. For example, I could quite happily have Jude Law banished from the face of the earth and put up with the bitching I'd get from the entire female population of the planet, just so I don't have to endure his tiny, contended little face on my cinema screen any more....

  • Cinemassholes #1: Ricky Slade

    Movie Feature | Ali | 1st March 2005

    Vince Vaughn certainly has an eclectic bunch of misfits on his CV this far in his career, most notably the always money Trent (Swingers), the lounge-lizard villain Reese Feldman (Starsky & Hutch) and the sardonic but athletic Peter La Fleur (Dodgeball). What do all these characters have in common? Simple - they are the very es...

  • Dodgeball

    Movie Review | Ali | 12th September 2004

    "I find it's best not to have a goal - aim low, and that way you're never disappointed." It happens to be gym owner Peter LaFleur's life philosophy, but it's also a maxim that serves Dodgeball fairly well - after all, a film that's essentially about throwing balls at people could hardly fail to deliver what it promises. Aiming low is exactly what Dodgeball does best - in fact, it aims for around crotch height, targeting the easiest gut laugh each and every time.

  • Starsky & Hutch

    Movie Review | Ali | 6th September 2004

    Pre-conceptions at the ready everyone, it's another needless remake of a seventies TV show that no one asked for, needs or is willing to tolerate. Or is it? While film purists may scoff at a big screen outing for the cardigan-wearing cops and claim it represents yet another nail in the coffin for original movie making, the res...