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Day to day operations on TheShiznit.co.uk are mostly run by three individuals.

Ali Gray, Editor - commissions all articles, writes news, reviews, features and rants, maintains editorial control over the site. Started TheShiznit.co.uk in 2004 because he was bored of writing PR-fluffing videogame advertorials. Writes for VirginMedia.com in his day job, which is obviously far more important to him if any of his bosses are reading this.

Luke Whiston, Technical Director - chief coder, responsible for the layout and design of the site. Created the entire back-end system from scratch. Proud owner of a rabbit called Ralph HD-DVD drive.

Matt Looker, Staff Writer - head writer guy, reliable scribe and eager news hound. Owns a Star Wars cookbook and bakes a mean Wookiee Cookie.

Neil Alcock, Writer - requested his name be featured so as not to feel left out. Otherwise known as The Incredible Suit for reasons too inane to go into here. Does Bond (he wishes). Will point out any typos you make without fail.

Content is also produced by a small group of loyal freelancers who are happy to contribute to TheShiznit.co.uk for nothing - without them, we'd be lost. Regular contributors include:

Ali GrayAndy Mason
Anna Lord
Ben Langley
Christopher Ratcliff
Luke Whiston
Matt Looker
Neil Alcock
Rob Young

If I've missed your name off of this list and are peeved, do let us know.

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