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  • Eight assumptions I'm making about 24: Live Another Day

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 24th April 2014

    I never quite managed to get along with 24. After three episodes of the first season I was just about done. Then I tried them again about a week ago. Same result: booooooring. It doesn't half move slow for something with a built-in device for urgency. So with 24: Live Another Day coming up on Sky 1 I have no choice but to base this article on a series of ill-informed assumptions. Or, you know, just write nothing at all.

  • Writer hired for 24 movie

    Movie News | Matt | 10th February 2010

    Jack Bauer is set to have yet another bad day as work begins on bringing 24 to the big screen. Does this mean the start of the end for CTU? *Gasp* Doop...dip...doop...dip...