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  • Review: The Perfection dares to be shocking but doesn't have the chops

    Movie Review | Luke Whiston | 4th June 2019

    Part of the trouble with being extremely online is you see the entire gamut of opinions all at the same time. Take poor Godzilla for example - as soon as the embargo lifted on King of the Monsters every star rating possible flooded my timeline, which did nothing to help decide whether to see it or not. But for better or worse at least those reviewers arrived at an opinion about the big G's latest romp. Recent Netflix release The Perfection left me so unsure I committed the cardinal sin of reading other site's reviews before sitting down to write my own, so I take a lot of solace that nobody seemed to know what to make of it, because I'll be fucked if I do.

  • Three Girls, one cup

    TV News | Ed Williamson | 14th January 2013

    Obviously this joke would work a lot better if the Golden Globe award looked anything like a cup. Congratulations to the excellent Girls and Lena Dunham for their awards. Could you maybe all enter the Ryder Cup this year so I can make the joke work?