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  • Machete Kills

    Movie Review | Luke Whiston | 11th October 2013

    So where are we at with Mel Gibson? Poor old racist, misogynist, anti-semitic, fly-off-the-handle Mel - have we forgiven him? I only ask because he's far and away the most entertaining thing about Machete Kills, yet I'm not sure if I laughed at his antics for genuine LOL-worthy reasons, or because of some weird residual fascination after that time he called a policewoman "sugar tits" and became one of Hollywood's most reliable loons for a while. Can it be both? For what is essentially a one-note joke, Machete Kills is full of questions.

  • Competition: Win The Ward on DVD

    Movie Competition | Ali | 17th October 2011

    Hey stupid, do you want a free DVD? You do? Then enter this competition, idiot! Finally, my new superliminal approach to blogging yields results!

  • Grrrrrr! Win Drive Angry on DVD

    Movie Competition | Ali | 4th July 2011

    It's out on DVD today, but if you're a horrible, poor hobo without a penny to your name, you can win one of three copies of Drive Angry on DVD. Maybe you can sell them for crack if you win!

  • Drive Angry 3D

    Movie Review | Ali | 25th February 2011

    Remember when I said the 101 reasons to love Nicolas Cage feature would be the last thing we did on Nicolas Cage this week? I lied.

  • John Carpenter's still got it

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 8th January 2011

    Good news? John Carpenter is making movies again. Bad news? Prepare for possibly the worst trailer of the ENTIRE YEAR so far.