Attack The Block

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  • Win Attack The Block on Blu-ray/DVD

    Movie Competition | Ali | 12th September 2011

    I was going to do an intro in comedy 'street' patois but I realised I didn't know how and I couldn't be bothered. Let's just say I did and get on with the business of giving away five copies of Attack The Block on double-play Blu-ray/DVD. Do kids still call each other blud? Never mind.

  • Cut-out-and-keep Attack The Block slang reference cards

    Movie Feature | Luke | 22nd May 2011

    With Attack The Block currently attacking the box office here in the UK, and director Joe Cornish rubbing shoulders with Hollywood royalty, it seems a US release of our new favourite sci-fi-horror-com is inevitable. So in order to prepare our overseas chums for the onslaught of yoot speak soon to be assaulting their ears, we've prepared this handy set of cut-out-and-keep slang reference cards.

  • Attack the Block

    Movie Review | Matt | 11th May 2011

    Let’s consider what could be the making of a cult film, shall we? High concept? Check. Low-budget? Almost always. A hyper-stylised language? Most definitely. Written and directed by one half of a cult comedy duo? Erm...sure. Aliens? Hell yes. And yet, while all signs point to ‘culty’ for this film, it actually has all the mainstream appeal of a brilliant comedy and a terrifying supernatural horror. And being both at once is just sheer bloody genius.

  • Attack The Block poster gets a thumbs up from me (*thumbs up*)

    Movie News | Ali | 21st March 2011

    Another look at the movie that's doing everything right. Please movie gods, don't let Attack The Block suck.

  • Attack The Block trailer, innit

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 3rd March 2011

    It's like Battle: Los Angeles, but in South London.