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  • Ant and Dec win Baftas nobody else entered

    TV News | Ed Williamson | 21st May 2014

    In an astonishing category sweep on Monday night, Ant and Dec went home with two Bafta awards: one for Best TV Presenter Duo From The Greater Tyne-Tees Area and one for Best Two People Who Often Stand Near Each Other. "We are delighted," said AntDec. "It was a shame to miss out on Most Obvious Beneficiaries Of The Viewing Public's Low Expectations, but you can't win them all." They were later hit in pubs.

  • Sherlock sticks BAFTA in pipe, smokes it

    TV News | Ed Williamson | 23rd May 2011

    One thing I like about the BAFTA TV Awards is how none of them is called 'Best'' anything. What's more British than that? It's like sports day when the kid who turned up with no kit and had to run in his pants still got a prize because everyone's supposed to get treated the same. If that kid were here today and not strung out on glue in a car park stairwell somewhere, he'd tell you the BAFTA TV Awards 2011 winners are all after the jump.

  • The King's Speech wins lots of B-B-BAFTAs

    Movie News | Matt | 13th February 2011

    Of course it does. It's probably the most BAFTA-ish film ever made. In more news, next year's awards will be called the 'Colin Firths'. Details of all the wins after the jump.

  • 2011 BAFTA noms for your consumption

    Movie News | Luke | 18th January 2011

    It's Tuesday, it's lunchtime - that means it's time to throw your sandwich on the floor in disgust, as your favourite director/actor/hair stylist gets passed over for this year's British Academy of Film & Television Arts awards.

  • Winners of the 2010 Bafta awards

    Movie News | Matt | 22nd February 2010

    The Baftas are either a good indication of next month's Academy Award achievers, or just a watered-down version of the Oscars that holds no interest for people outside of the UK. *adopts cheery newscaster voice* Here are the winners!