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  • Testing the family resemblance in A Good Day To Die Hard

    Movie Feature | Matt | 17th December 2012

    To be fair, they both look like thumbs.

  • Trailer breakdown: it's a good day to dissect A Good Day To Die Hard

    Movie Feature | Ali | 7th October 2012

    As unlikely as it sounds, we're just a few short months away from the release of A Good Day To Die Hard aka Die Hard 5 aka Why Hard. It's only a minute and change long, so save precious seconds by scrolling through our in-depth trailer breakdown while humming classical music and pretending this movie doesn't exist.

  • First official pic of Die Hard 5 debuts bold new colour scheme

    Movie News | Ali | 3rd October 2012

    (*COUGH*). (First shot of A Good Day To Die Hard courtesy of EW).

  • What if other actors had younger versions of themselves?

    Movie Feature | Luke | 2nd October 2012

    With Rian Johnson's Looper currently doing the rounds (our review is here), we consider one of the many thought-provoking questions raised by the time-tunnelling actioner: what would the prosthetically-enhanced younger versions of other movie stars look like?

  • Looper

    Movie Review | Ali | 10th September 2012

    I saw Looper on Friday last week, and rather than frantically post a knee-jerk reaction review as soon as possible, I thought I'd attempt something a bit different. I loved it and immediately wanted to froth about how it was the best sci-fi of the year and a genre classic in the making, but these sort of labels can only be correctly applied with time. Thus, I'm posting this feature with a blank space, in which my future self – 30 years into the future, as in the film – can write his considered opinion, discussing the longevity of Looper and whether it stood the test of time. Hopefully by 2042 time travel will have been invented and the Ali Gray in 30 years will be able to send back his review, giving us a unique insight into how Rian Johnson's film held up. Fingers crossed it works!

  • The definitive list of ridiculous action hero character names

    Movie Feature | Ali | 17th August 2012

    If you've seen The Expendables' IMDB page lately, you'll have seen the amazing character names in all their glory, but these are just the latest in the long, fine tradition of giving action stars the most ridiculous monikers possible. With that in mind, we present to you the cream of the crap: the most ludicrously macho characters ever named.

  • The Expendables 2

    Movie Review | Ali | 14th August 2012

    The Expendables 2 isn't a movie that exists in our conventional universe. Sure, it stars men of flesh and blood, who live and breathe and bleed, but it is not set in reality. It's an extreme cinematic experience – a 'movie movie', the kind which characters in Quentin Tarantino films enjoy. It's just that little bit exaggerated – not always to an immediately noticeable degree, but it feels like it's constantly overclocked. The Expendables 2 is turbo-charged, hyper-violent, super-stupid and doesn't give a single, solitary shit.

  • Well played, Looper press release

    Movie News | Ali | 13th August 2012

    I see what you did there.

  • Looper looks super-duper

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 27th June 2012

    Film of the year? Film of the year. (Courtesy of MSN).

  • Lay The Favourite

    Movie Review | Ed Williamson | 21st June 2012

    Phwoooar, that Rebecca Hall, eh? I'd give her a proper, uh, pleasant evening of slightly awkward conversation and no mistake. See, it's a shame when you have to revert to misogyny to wring something positive out of a film experience. So apologies in advance: Rebecca Hall, she hot in Lay The Favourite. The movie itself: meh, not so much.