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  • Catfish: season 4, episode 8 recap: "Whitney and Bre" aka "Catfish gets Catfished"

    TV Feature | Becky Suter | 27th April 2015

    The events in this week's episode are the reason why I have trust issues. It's no wonder Max took off for five weeks.

  • Catfish: season 4, episode 6 recap: "Felipe and Jasmine"

    TV Feature | Becky Suter | 10th April 2015

    Guess who's back – back again. Max is back! Tell a friend! Guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back.

    Everything is right in the world and I am overjoyed.

  • Catfish: season 4, episode 5 recap: "Chitara and Priscilla"

    TV Feature | Becky Suter | 5th April 2015

    This week's episode of Catfish comes from Third Earth, when Nev and guest host Alex Shaffer answer a distress call from female Thunderian noble Chitara, whose precognitive sense has warned her that a tabby she has been communicating with may not have been an actual ThunderCat.

    OK, so it's not, but that's not going to stop me from making as many ThunderCats references as possible, based on the fact that this week's Catfishee is called Chitara.

  • Catfish: season 4, episode 4 recap: "Daisy and Marcus"

    TV Feature | Becky Suter | 30th March 2015

    The official episode synopsis for this week's episode reads: "After helping with troubles at home, a man refuses to speak to his love interest on the phone." You, me and a million others, love. Spoiler alert: this episode may as well have been entitled "He's just not that into you".

  • Catfish: season 4, episode 3 recap: "Harold and Armani"

    TV Feature | Becky Suter | 19th March 2015

    Here's a fun little game to play: it's called "How To Work Out Your Catfish Name"!

    1. Think of a well-known, luxurious brand
    2. Spell it phonetically
    3. Then take the colour of your socks.

    Mine is Versarchee Left-Something-Red-In-A-White-Wash.

  • Catfish: season 4, episode 1 recap: "Miracle and Javonni"

    TV Feature | Becky Suter | 4th March 2015

    Oh Catfish, how I've missed you. Monday nights just weren't the same without the overwhelming eroticism that is the bromance between co-hosts Nev Schulman and Max Joseph. And now it's back, but in a shocking format twist Max is out of action for six episodes making a film with his new BFF Zac Efron. Nev seems cool with it but I know he's just as upset as I am. Fuck Efron and his quiffy hair.

  • Five reasons why you should watch Catfish

    TV Feature | Becky Suter | 4th June 2014

    I refuse to believe people who complain "There's nothing on TV", when we live in a world where Catfish: The TV Show exists. Based on the 2010 movie when cameras followed Nev Schulman as he tracked down the girl he was in an online relationship with, now Nev and his filmmaker buddy Max travel across the US, righting wrongs and unravelling the mysteries of online dating like a sexier Noughties version of Scooby-Doo. The upshot of Nev's story was that people lie about who they are on the internet, and TV is now all the better for it.

  • Films on TV round-up: More4 got mo' films, mofos

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 15th January 2012

    Hey, it turns out More4 show films as well as ... wait, what else do they have on More4? It's all politics and serious stuff, isn't it? I've no time for that, personally. All that thinking HURT ED HEAD.

  • Catfish

    Movie Review | Ali | 19th December 2010

    If you want to get the best out of Catfish, stop reading this review immediately and just go see it - it's in cinemas and available to watch online now. The movie's marketing team know an enigmatic approach is key, as its ads suggest you "don't let anyone tell you what it is" a la Psycho - the first hint you're in for a surprise that's nasty and nice in equal measure.