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  • Black Mirror: Be Right Back

    TV Review | Ed Williamson | 13th February 2013

    You read a million articles a week about the creeping ubiquity of technology. Most of them adopt a negative tone from the get-go: statistics showing the high numbers of online interactions we make are offered as evidence that they're replacing our real-life ones, without the idea that they might in fact be supplementing or even enriching them ever raised. This simple scaremongering fear of the unknown is absent in Black Mirror. It's written by people who embrace technology, and use this knowledge to imagine its dark potential. And it is at times quite brilliant.

  • DVD weekly: inside jobs and outer space. And pig fucking.

    TV Feature | Kirsty Harrison | 27th February 2012

    Last week's DVD Weekly was pathetic, let's just forget about it and move on. It's okay, TV - we forgive you. Just... try not to let it happen again.